Integrated Logistics Strategies on the Omani Logistics Firms’ Competitiveness: A Measurement Model Approach

Said Salim Al Shibli, Dazmin Bin Daud, Asif Mahbub Karim


This study investigates the influence of integrated logistics strategies (process strategy, market strategy, information strategy, logistics coordination effectiveness, and customer service effectiveness) on the Sultanate of Oman firms’ competitiveness. The motivation for the present study stems from recent fall in the oil price which had led to the diversification of economy by the Sultanate of Omani government; the diversification has reminded the government about the potentiality of the logistics sector in contributing to the government revenue. Data were collected from 417 logistics firms’ employees through purposive sampling. Having collected the required data for the study, data were quantitatively analyzed using multivariate techniques through the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences and Analysis of Moment Structures. The results of various analyses suggest that only logistics coordination effectiveness and customer service effectiveness positively and significantly contributed to logistics firms’ competitiveness, while process strategy, market strategy, and information strategy are not.   

Aus. Aca. Acc & Fin. Rev Vol 4(1), Jan 2018, P 37-46


Logistics Firms; Analysis of Moment Structures; Measurement Model

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