Preparing Accounting Students for the Labor Market after COVID-19, Opportunities, and Challenges

Maram Alhawsawi


The outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic has disturbed the normal life of people around the world. This pandemic is unique in its way to affect the public health, economic, and educational systems. The quarantine, social distancing, and closure decisions have forced many people to stay home. Many workers took long vacations or completely lost their jobs. Also education has negatively impacted because students and teachers are unable to meet in schools and universities. This situation may last for months (Reimers and Schleicher, 2020). An American study by Cooper et al. (1996) demonstrates the summer vacation learning loss, students lose the equivalent of 1 month of academic year learning during the summer vacation. COVID-19 pandemic causes a long vacation so, more loss. Many educational institutions targeted their students and teachers to remote learning to maintain the learning process. Information technology (IT) introduces alternative methods for learning and evaluation. Teachers can use IT, for example, social media, to communicate with their students under supervision of parents and education management. Further solutions are introduced for assessment and evaluation of students such as proctored exams, project-based learning, 24-open book exams, and capstone assessment. Employers also depend on remote working to get their jobs done during the crisis. Hence, they may have higher expectations for employment during and after the crisis. A severe competition will be between graduates to get a job. IT has interfered in almost every field of learning and work. Only high-skilled, technology users, and well-practiced persons will get the job. The newly applied alternative learning and working methods can continue to be used after the crises with assistance of cooperation between accounting stakeholders, educators, parents, and students.

Aus. Aca. Acc & Fin. Rev Vol 5(2), Jul 2019, P 77-84


Accounting Education; Traditional Educational Methods; COVID-19 Pandemic; Information and Communication Technology; Labor Market Challenges

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